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School Safety

At PVSchools, we are fully committed to ensuring the safety and security of every student and staff member. Our team diligently trains for various emergencies because the well-being of students and staff is our top priority.

In ​accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS), 15-341 (A​​) (31), PVSchools' emergency response plans have been developed by school and district teams to ensure that all schools meet emergency response preparedness guidelines established by the Arizona Department of Education, and the Arizona Division of Emergency Management.

PVSchools Emergency Preparedness

Parents are encouraged to review the resources provided on this page.

Emergency Planning Info for Parents   Emergency Preparedness Summary

Información de preparación en caso de emergencia  Resumen de preparación en caso de emergencia

Make an Anonymous Tip Online

PVSchools works with law enforcement to have all crimes investigated thoroughly. The community should never hesitate to call or email the school or law enforcement if they hear information that might pose a threat to our students or staff safety. Tips can also be submitted online through a portal that allows the tipster to remain anonymous. 

Submit a Tip

Emergency Notifications

PVSchools uses mass messaging to contact families with information about school related items as well as emergency situations. This messaging includes email, phone calls, and SMS text messaging.

If you are a parent or guardian, sign up to receive high-priority and emergency messages to include text messages.

  • Make sure your mobile number is on file with your school via your student's emergency card. Student emergency cards are typically filled out online; however, upon request, the cards can be sent home at the beginning of each school year. If you have phone numbers (either home or mobile) that change during the year, reach out to your school and provide updated phone number information.
  • Once your mobile number is entered into the student information system or anytime your mobile number is updated in the student information system, you will receive an automated text message from our emergency broadcast system asking you to opt-in to the text messaging feature. Please note that you can opt-out at any time, by simply texting the word STOP to 67587.
  • If your mobile number is already on file with the district, you can opt-in at any time by texting the word YES to 67587.
  • Please note, you must opt in each mobile number for your household in order to receive emergency broadcast alerts from your school or the district.

Due to FCC regulations, any time you change or add a mobile number, you will automatically get a new opt-in message from the district.

Please note: The district’s mass messaging system, does not charge any text message fees; however, wireless carriers typically do. Please contact your wireless carrier for more information about text messaging fees.

Safety at North Canyon

Campus Visitor Policy

All visitors to campus must check in with the front office and receive a visitor badge upon arrival. Upon leaving campus all visitors must check out through the front office.

Security gates were installed in response to national and state concerns. Campus gates are locked from 7:30 a.m. to 2:10 p.m. Students arriving late must enter through the Attendance office.

Closed Campus

All schools in the district are closed campuses during normal school hours. Students are not allowed to leave at any time during the school day unless they are signed out by a parent or guardian or they have an early release schedule (ID will be checked).

No Food Deliveries

Outside food is only allowed if it is dropped off by a parent or guardian (ID will be checked). All other food deliveries will be turned away.

Personal Items

Personal items that are not considered necessary for the student’s educational experience should be left at home, as the school cannot assume responsibility for these items. This may include cellphones, Airpods, handheld consoles, guitars, etc.

If the student rides a bike, scooter, or skateboard to school, the student is responsible for finding a place indoors or outdoors on campus where they can secure the item during the school day. The school concurrently does not assume responsibility for these transportation items.

School Resource Officer

A full-time school resource officer (SRO) is employed at North Canyon High School. The officer's role is to provide law-related education and to work collaboratively with our teachers and students. We are fortunate to have an SRO here as an extra preventative measure in school safety due to being awarded the School Safety Grant. An SRO is an immeasurable asset at North Canyon who works with classes, assists with prevention of behavioral issues, and provides overall law enforcement and security assistance to students and staff.

Security Staff

A team of security personnel monitors the campus before and after school, during class time and extracurricular events. The North Canyon Security staff are in constant communication with the administration, the SRO and health staff to provide rapid response in any event of emergency or danger.

Student and Staff Identification

All students and staff are issued a PVSchools-designated school ID at the start of the school year or when enrolled at NCHS. All students and staff must wear their IDs when on campus. Lost, damaged, or defaced identification badges must be replaced and can be purchased at the bookstore for $5. Any student from another PV school must wear his or her school ID.

Emergency Preparedness

What happens on campus during an emergency?

During an emergency school, administrators will secure the campus in what is called a lockdown. Classroom doors are locked, gates to the campus are closed and locked, and no one is permitted to enter or exit the campus until school administrators give the all-clear signal. If there is an immediate danger, teachers will stop lessons, close window blinds, turn off lights and direct students to the most secure area of the classroom or building. School personnel works closely with public safety officials during emergencies. Students may be kept on campus. In the event of a chemical spill or other immediate danger to health and safety, public safety officials may direct the school to keep students on campus, even after school hours, until the all-clear signal is given.

  • If such an emergency occurs, students will be released only to an adult who has been identified as a parent, guardian or emergency contact on your student’s Emergency Card. It is important that you complete this card at the beginning of every school year and update it as needed.
  • The school district is prepared to provide food, water and the medications listed on your child’s School Year Medication Record to your child if we are directed to hold students on campus.

What can family and the community do during an emergency?

  • To keep phone lines free for emergency use, do not call the school. Information will be provided on the website, by telephone dialers, email or possibly text message, and through the news media. This will include information on when and where to pick up your student.
  • If you speak with your student on a cell phone remind them of the importance of following the directions of their teachers and public safety officials.