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Attendance Line: (602) 449-5001 (English and Spanish)

Please use the attendance line within 24 hours to excuse a student's absence. To excuse absences more than one day prior, a doctor's note is required.

North Canyon High School Attendance Guidelines

Attendance Policies

Regular attendance is the key to much of the success a student may gain from his or her school program. Students should remain out of school only when absolutely necessary; much of classroom activity cannot be made up and the benefit of lectures, discussion and participation is lost to those who are absent. A doctor’s verification may be requested for excessive illness-related absences. 


An absence is defined as a minimum of one missed class period within a day.

Chronic Illnesses

In cases where medical documentation can be provided that indicates a diagnosis and prognosis that the student has an illness, disease, or has had an accident that interferes with regular school attendance, parents shall be in contact with their school nurse regarding the chronic health program.

Closed Campus

All schools in the district are closed campuses during normal school hours. Students are not allowed to leave at any time during the school day unless they are signed out by a parent or guardian or they have an early release schedule (ID will be checked).

Dress Code

Please make sure your student is following the district dress code while at school. Undergarments, chest, and torso need to be covered, and references to drugs/alcohol or inappropriate language/imagery are not allowed.

Excessive Absences

Arizona state law defines absences as excessive when the number of absent days exceeds 10 percent of the number of required attendance days (18 days) whether the absence is excused or unexcused. It is important for a student to attend class regularly to receive a passing grade. A student or parent may request counseling intervention for excessive absences by calling the school principal or designee. The principal may require documentation from a doctor to verify a medical condition when absences total more than 10 percent of the number of required attendance days.

Leaving Campus Early

If your student needs to leave early, contact the front office at 602-449-5000. When you arrive, your ID will be checked and only those listed in Infinite Campus will be allowed to sign out the student. No student pick-up between 1:45 p.m. and 2:10 p.m.

No Food Deliveries

Outside food is only allowed if it is dropped off by a parent or guardian (ID will be checked). All other food deliveries will be turned away.

Parent Responsibilities

Any absence due to illness, death in the family, religious observance or other unusual circumstance will be excused. Missing class to attend school activities will be excused with prior teacher and administrative approval. Parents of absent students are expected to call on the day of the absence, preferably no later than one hour after the start of school. If no contact is made to the school within 24 hours of the start of the absence, the absence will be considered unexcused. Refer to your school’s website, newsletter and/or student handbook for guidelines for reporting absences.

Personal Items

Personal items that are not considered necessary for the student’s educational experience should be left at home, as the school cannot assume responsibility for these items. This may include cellphones, Airpods, handheld consoles, guitars, etc.

If the student rides a bike, scooter, or skateboard to school, the student is responsible for finding a place indoors or outdoors on campus where they can secure the item during the school day. The school concurrently does not assume responsibility for these transportation items.

Unexcused Absence

Full Day: A full-day unexcused absence is any absence from school without the prior knowledge and consent of the parent or guardian.

Truant absence: Any unexcused full-day absence is considered a truant day as defined by law.

Unexcused Absence: One or more marked absences, once a student is at school, from one or more classes that day without an acceptable excuse approved by the school will be classified as unexcused.

Tardy Policy

This policy applies to a student who arrives to class after the tardy bell. Students will be marked tardy up until 10 minutes after the tardy bell. Students who arrive 11 minutes or more into the class period without a pass will be marked absent. In Infinite Campus, a tardy is indicated by the letter "T."

Teachers' Tardy Procedure

  • Once the final bell rings, the teacher will close the locked door.
  • The teacher will take attendance. All tardy students will wait outside the door.  
  • After attendance is taken the teacher will open the door and change the absence to a tardy in IC.  
  • Security will be monitoring the halls and will sweep students that are still wandering the halls. If a student is waiting for a teacher to open the door, security will leave them by the classroom. If a student is not by the classroom, the student will be swept.   
  • Administration will continue to do random sweeps with the help of staff and teachers. 
  • Four tardies equals an unexcused absence.

Attendance Terms

Traffic and Drop-off Points

All student drop-off and pick-up is in the northwest parking lot off Westcott Drive.

Do not use the front lot, Union Hills or 19th Place!

It is highly recommended that students arrive on campus no later than 7:15 a.m. in order to be on time to first period. Be aware that traffic on Wescott and Union Hills is substantial in the mornings, especially after 7:15 a.m., so please plan accordingly.

Early Dismissal/ Late Arrival Students

Students who have chosen a Late Arrival or Early Dismissal scheduling option are not allowed on our school grounds when not scheduled for on-campus classes.

For example, if you have chosen Fourth-Hour Early Dismissal, you would need to leave campus after Fourth Hour. If you chose Sixth-Hour Early Dismissal, you would need to leave campus after Sixth Hour. This is true even if you participate in extracurricular activities or Early College. The student in question would simply need to return after school is out in order to participate in his/her activity.

Again, students who have chosen Early Dismissal must leave school grounds after completing their last class.