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Welcome to North Canyon

Welcome to North Canyon for the 2024-2025 school year! Monday, August 5th is the first day of school. Classes begin at 7:30 am and students are to be on campus by the first bell at 7:23 am. The school day ends at 2:10 pm. 

All students will report to their first hour class at 7:30am. First hour teachers will pass out official student schedules and review the first day of school bell schedule. Students, please find your flex location online in Infinite Campus starting Monday, July 29, or with the assistance of a staff member in the lobby of our main building on August 5. 

Please continue reading for helpful tips and procedures for the new year at North Canyon.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up
  • Student drop-off will be in the northwest parking lot off Wescott in the back (north) of the campus. For safety reasons, please do not drop students off near the front entrance to the school via Union Hills, or along 19th Place near the staff parking lot.

  • All students who drive will park in the front of the school. The student section is in the east section of the parking lot next to the auditorium. Please do not park in the parking lot by the gym. We will not be checking for passes the first week.

  • As a reminder, school ends at 2:10 p.m. No students should remain on campus unless they are participating in a supervised activity.

Bus Schedules

Bus stop information will be posted in the hallway between Student Services and the Counseling Department. Families may also access the bus transportation listings online. If you drive your child to school the first day, but plan for him or her to take a bus home, please make sure your student has written down the correct bus route.

Parent Portal - Annual Update Required

The Annual Update is a required process for all parents and/or guardians to make any updates to their contact information, such as address changes, phone number changes, changes to a child’s health history, and emergency contact listings. This has replaced the printed Emergency Card. Please access the Parent Portal Annual Update Instructions to get started.


We have two lunches. Students will need to look at their schedule to see their assigned lunch time. Lunch can be challenging during the first week of school, so please be patient with us as we work through logistics. One way students can make this easier is to make sure they have their ID; IDs will be issued the week of Aug. 7. During lunch, students can access the cafeteria, cafeteria patio, mall area outside the gym, Media Center, and our student store – the “Snake Pit.”

All PVSchools high schools are closed campuses; students are not allowed to leave during the school day unless they are signed out by a parent or guardian or unless they are seniors with an early release schedule. Outside food is only allowed if it is dropped off by a parent or guardian (ID will be checked). Deliveries will be turned away.

  • Pick up Free & Reduced Lunch forms. Reminder: A new form must be completed each year. Online meal applications can be completed at; this paperless option is encouraged because online applications can be processed within 24 hours of their submission. Paper meal applications will be available in the front office or can be printed from the Lunch Menus page to be submitted to the district.
    All families are encouraged to apply because meal applications can be used for additional benefits aside from meals, such as:

    • Reduced registration fees for AP, SAT, and/or ACT tests.

    • Free participation (or discounted fees) in most sports.

    • Discounted rates on fees associated with applying for college.

    • Eligibility for discounted rates on internet services.

It is extremely important for families to complete and submit the 2024-25 school year meal application in order to avoid potential negative account balance charges. 

Bell Schedule(s)

View Our 2024-2025 Bell Schedules

Dress Code

At North Canyon, we have made a concerted effort to ensure students dress appropriately for school and the learning environment. As mentioned earlier, having an ID badge while on campus is required. The first ID is free. Replacement IDs are $5 each. 

North Canyon is a place of learning where we want students to be able to express themselves while also promoting a positive learning environment. Clothing students might wear in social settings or outside of school may not be appropriate to wear to school. We want all students to be dressed appropriately for the school day.

Students should come to school wearing the following:

  • Clothing that covers the entire midriff, has a back, has straps, fits closely under the arms, and is not too low cut.

  • Clothing that is of adequate length to cover the bottom at all times.

  • Clothing that has appropriate language. Please do not wear clothing that depicts or references drugs or alcohol, has a sexual reference, has profanity, or contains language that demeans others.

  • Appropriate footwear for a safe learning environment. Please do not wear slippers.

  • Headwear may be worn on campus, but please remove it in the building or classroom if asked by a staff member.

We encourage you to read more of the guidelines in the PVSchools 2024-2025 Family/Student Handbook. In the document, page 24 addresses student dress, conduct, and appearance.

Office Hours

If you have any questions or need to update or fill out registration paperwork, our office is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (starting July 15).

Happy New School Year!

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