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Rattler RISE

What Is Rattler RISE?

At North Canyon our teachers create a challenging and rewarding learning environment for all students.  Our teachers, support staff and administration are dedicated to student success and growth.  This is evident each and every day in classrooms and in the casual interactions between students and staff in the hallways and at school events.


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Excellence

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) is schoolwide system to support positive behavior.  It is a research proven model for improving academic outcomes through reinforcement of schoolwide behavior expectations, chosen by students and staff.  PBIS and Restorative Justice contribute to the atmosphere of respect that can felt throughout North Canyon.

Student Citizenship Rubric:

  • Respect - a 5 always…
    Uses appropriate language.
    Uses electronics and class time responsibly.
    Listens and follows directions.
    Interacts appropriately with other students and teachers.
  • Integrity - a 5 always…
    Does their own work.
    Takes responsibility for their own actions.
    Has ID at all times on campus.
    Demonstrates generosity.
  • Service - a 5 Always…
    Is a positive example to others.
    Spends time and skills to make our school better.
    Helps when others are in need.
  • Excellence - a 5 Always…
    Attends and contributes to class (paying attention and participating when appropriate).
    Completes work on time.
    Comes prepared to actively learn and be engaged.

Restorative Justice

"The goal of Restorative Justice is to work with students to come to a solution, rather than simply handing down punishment.  Restorative Justice seeks to fix the problem, impose fair punishment, foster understanding, and adjust student behavior."  ~ Timothy Hilton in Education Week Teacher

How does this look at North Canyon?  

Teachers have conversations with students in order to maintain and restore relationships, but a discussion does not take the place of an appropriate consequence.  Teachers follow the PBIS procedure of completing Minor Incident Reports which can include a Restorative Action with a student, home or Behavior Coach.  An accumulation of Minor Incident Reports can lead to the Referral process.

Some examples of Restorative Actions are:

  • Discussions
  • Letter of apology
  • Reflection essay
  • Required school involvement as related to student behavior
  • Speech
  • Community Service

Restorative Justice allows students to reflect, be accountable, and then understand and accept a consequence. 

What Else Is Rattler RISE?

At North Canyon, all programs and classes have combined forces to make PBIS and Restorative Justice successful, and make North Canyon the amazing school that it is.

Here are just a few of them:

Visit the Anonymous Tips website - Safe and anonymous reporting about bullying, cyberstalking, abuse, gang or drug activity and any other suspicious activities that endanger our school.

Visit the Athletics website - Student athletes are involved in many different sports where they learn about working hard on a team.

Visit the Clubs website - Membership offers such rewards as forming new friendships, serving others and developing leadership skills. 

Visit the IB website - The International Baccalaureate Program is an internationally recognized honors program that creates well rounded students, rigorous learners, and lets students earn college credit.

SAP - The Student Assistance Program involves assistance from our social worker, behavior coach and School Resource Officer.

STUGO - From organizing assemblies and spirit weeks that celebrate our students to organizing prom, Student Government gets everyone involved.

Student Newspaper: The Rattle

The Newspaper Club is proud to officially launch North Canyon's official newspaper: The Rattle.

The Rattle is a student-driven, student-written initiative. Whether you're on campus or at home, we invite you to keep up with the latest coverage:

Read 'The Rattle'